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Why STA?

The Strategic Tax Accountants (STA) team was created especially for you. We focus on knowing exactly how to help sustainable businesses get tax credits and tax cuts/write-offs so they can complete their fiscal year only paying for what they have to. No more, no less.


We don’t want you to solely know what we’re doing for your personal and/or financial goals, we want you to understand! 

That's why we take the time to teach you at every step of the process!


We choose to earn your trust, using morally and ethically sound practices, even if that means putting in a few more hours for us. We won’t cut corners to get the job done. 

Child holding STA brochure

Our Values

& Honesty


STA brochure

What we do in front of you, we’ll do when you’re not around, and that’s the best job possible. We also hold you accountable and will not proceed with business practices we can’t stand behind.


We value transparent relationships with our clients and team. We operate effortlessly and honestly so clients have up-to-date and accurate information on information on service prices, delivery schedules, and any other policies that might be relevant to the clients. We strive to be transparent and accessible to our clients and authorized parties.


Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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