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Real Estate Accounting Services

Real estate tax law is complex, but our knowledge of the latest real estate tax legislation allows us to collaborate with your business to establish innovative tax planning techniques that reduce your tax liability.

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Along with business consultancy and our CFO services, we can also help you with the following 

Specialized Real Estate Accounting Services:

  • Bank Financing

  • Business & Real Estate valuations

  • Real Estate investment trust consulting

  • Capital acquisition and disposal

  • Dispositions of Real Estate

  • Section 1031 Exchange assistance

  • Due diligence for proposed Real Estate transactions

  • Internal control audits

  • Succession planning

  • Lease audits

  • Tax credits

    • Energy​

    • Solar

    • Enterprise zones

    • Low-income/affordable housing

  • Reduce your Tax Obligation
    One of the most important reasons to employ an accountant that specializes in real estate is to reduce tax burdens. Since many real estate investors are already familiar with filing tax returns, a skilled real estate accountant can find tax techniques to reduce or eliminate tax burden.
  • Make the most of your Investments.
    A real estate accountant understands the nuances of both state and federal tax regulations, as well as how to use them to an investor's advantage. An accountant, for example, may assist an investor in determining whether the financial or accrual form of accounting is more profitable for a corporation, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of adopting straight-line vs accelerated depreciation.
  • Structure your Real Estate Business
    Many investors buy property as a sole proprietorship since it is the simplest approach. However, something that is simple to perform is not always the ideal thing to do. A real estate accountant knows the possible tax advantages of holding rental property through a legal structure such as an LLC or S company, allowing an investor to make better informed decisions about how to build a real estate business.
  • Monitor Real Estate Tax Code Changes
    Even tiny changes from time to time might have a substantial impact on tax liability. A professional real estate accountant will remain current on tax code revisions to assist investors in avoiding paying more tax than required or breaching the law.
  • Business Advice
    A real estate accountant can see evolving patterns and long-term real estate phases that a business-focused investor may ignore. A real estate accountant can see evolving patterns and long-term real estate trends that a business-focused investor may ignore.
  • Assist in the expansion and growth of a real estate company
    An accountant is well-versed in the tax implications of purchasing, holding, and selling rental property as an investment portfolio increases. Obtaining unbiased expert advice from a real estate accountant while designing an investment strategy may assist an investor in wealth creation that can be transferred down from generation to generation tax-free.

Why YOU need a Real Estate Accountant

JaxREIA is one of the nation's premier real estate investor groups, with members from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels.

JaxREIA Keeps us up to speed on the latest real estate investing advancements, legislation, and practices.

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