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Wadelene Charles


│CEO + Founder

│IRS-Enrolled Agent

12 years



2 years

Chief Financial Officer

JWI Developments LLC 

About Wadelene

About Wadelene

Wadelene Charles is a Senior Accountant at Strategic Tax Accountants, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, a Wealth Coach and Educator with Sipping Wealth, and a Part Owner and Chief Financial Officer at JWI Developments. She is of Haitian heritage and was born in Florida. Wadelene earned bachelor's degrees in accounting and finance from the University of North Florida, as well as a master's degree in accounting from Keller Management. She has a 215 Life and Health Insurance License and has worked in accounting and finance for over 12 years. She is now the Treasurer of Heart for Children Inc, the Treasurer of Global GodIs Inc, and a member of the Board of Directors of Grounded Youth Foundation.

Unlike most millennials, her first skillset and career were in taxes and bookkeeping, and it has remained her passion to this day. For her, money is more than simply an aspect of the work; it is a duty to her community. To teach individuals about money, to help them better manage it by developing better habits, and to eventually achieve more goals than previous generations. It is time to reverse these negative generational practices and be powered by financial knowledge and greatness.

Wealth education is her contribution to the world, her method of making everything operate a little more smoothly.

Her Motto:

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