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STA Services

STA Services

Welcome to the world of Strategic Tax Accountants, your go-to financial superheroes curated under Grand Reve Financial! Taxes don't have to be a dull chore. From accounting to bookkeeping, and even real estate, we've got you covered.

When it comes time for taxes. We don't want this to happen right? --->

STA can make sure you leave tax season with extra dollars to spare! Whether you're an individual navigating the tax maze or a business owner seeking financial clarity, our services are tailored just for you. So let's explore the variety

of services Strategic Tax Accountants has to offer together! 💰✨


Individual Services

Magnify glass on calculator

Strategy Sessions: Our strategy sessions are available in both 30-minute and 1-hour slots, providing you with the opportunity to discuss your financial goals, plan for the future, and explore tax-saving strategies in a personalized, one-on-one setting

Tax Preparation: Our tax preparation services cover a broad spectrum, including individual tax preparation and expertise in navigating the complexities of federal and state taxation. We'll help ensure your tax returns are accurate and optimized for your benefit.

Tax Paperwork Filing: Don't get bogged down in the paperwork. Let us handle the nitty-gritty details of tax paperwork filing, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

Tax Strategy Sessions: In addition to our strategy sessions, we also offer specialized tax strategy sessions to help you devise a personalized plan for minimizing your tax liability and maximizing your financial gains.


Business Services

Tax Preparation - We've got you covered for:

Business newspaper

  • Sole Proprietors

  • Partnerships

  • S-Corporations

  • C-Corporations

STA does not only help your business with estimated tax filings or tax returns, but we also assist with Tax services ranging from Account Reconciliation to data analysis to budget preparations and more!


Bookkeeping - STA offers a variety of bookkeeping services such as:

  • CFO Bookkeeping Packages

  • We offer packages bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and Corp Max packages. The higher the package from bronze to Corp Max, the more services you are paying to receive. To view the breakdown of each package, click on the button to the right

  • QuickBooks Training

  • QuickBooks is a very efficient and effective way to help you navigate your business' balance sheet information as well as profit and loss; however, it can be a little difficult to navigate and use to the extent of your needs. That is why,

STA offers a QuickBooks training program to help you effectively use

QuickBooks caters to your needs.

  • Payroll Services

    • We know it can be a pain to take care of employee hours and wages, while also making sure you do not fall behind in tax filing. That is why we have experts to take the headache of payroll off of your shoulders.

  • From annual payroll tax reports to processing forms (W-2, W-3, and 1099), to retirement plans and doing all e-filing or payroll tax payments for you, we got your back! Just click the link to the right to get started on speaking with an expert. Press the buttons next to each service to find more information on any of the services discussed


Real Estate Services

Person holding a mini house with a stack of coins on table

Our team of Strategic Tax Accountants isn't just about numbers; we're your trusted partners in the world of real estate. Whether you're venturing into the property market, looking for financing, or strategizing your investments, we've got the expertise to guide you.

From valuations to REIT consulting, and capital transactions to 1031 Exchanges, our services cover every facet of real estate. We'll handle the due diligence, and audits, and even help you navigate tax credits, energy initiatives, and affordable housing


With us by your side, your real estate endeavors are not just financially savvy – they're strategically brilliant. Click the "Real Estate Services" button below to get more information on our services!🏡💼


Life Insurance

Umbrella labeled "Insurance" over a family

Life Insurance isn't just a safety net; it is a proactive step to safeguard your future and that of your loved ones in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

At STA, our agents are dedicated to equipping you with the perfect life insurance coverage tailored to your unique financial needs. Because life's uncertainties shouldn't hold you back – they should be met with a plan, and that's where we come in.

Let's ensure your journey is not only financially secure but also filled with peace of mind. Click the "Life Insurance Services" link above to determine the life insurance that best fits you and schedule a consultation with one of our own!


Want to know more about the services we provide? Click the link below!

Want to speak with a consultant? Click the link below to schedule a FREE consultation TODAY

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