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The Money Mindset: How to Manifest Abundance

This week’s topic will discuss how to build greater attunement and motivation in order to reach your financial goals.

We will delve into the “Money Mindset”or, the thought process necessary to get us there!

What is it, you may ask?

It is the values, beliefs, and attitudes you personally hold about money.

Some folks may actually hold negative views toward money, and not even realize it. Recycling these consistent negative thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, will unwittingly keep one away from feelings of abundance.

In order to attune your life toward abundance, first: adjust your thinking. This is what we mean by having a “Money Mindset!”

Thankfully, our perspective is shaped over time – it’s how quickly it changes that we control. This varies person-to-person on one's external experiences and internal environment.

An example of shared experience would be the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent fallout. Let’s take a look at some of the data regarding Americans’ attitudes about finances before and after this event.

One study, conducted in 3-year intervals by FINRA’s National Financial Capability Study (NFCS), provided vital insights into the financial capability of U.S. adults including financial knowledge, resources, access, experience, and attitudes.

Out of about 27,000 people surveyed, the NFCS suggests that “the pandemic did not lead to decreased financial capability among U.S. adults as a whole (though it did negatively affect some groups)”.

  • In 2021, only 1 in 3 adults reported satisfaction with their personal financial situation.

  • 12% of homeowners in Florida, Texas, and D.C. reported being “underwater” [financially], but this number has been gradually decreasing.

  • A little over 50% of surveyed adults said they had set aside three months worth of emergency funds, which is up from 35% in 2009.

What do these numbers tell us and what frame of mind do you think the survey respondents may have had? What we’re looking at is the reservation of money from a place of scarcity.

If you view money as a finite resource, and constantly fear it will run out or never be enough -- then you have a scarcity mindset: you believe money is “scarce” and there’s too little of it to go around. Our upbringing and financial traditions play a huge role in this kind of thinking. The more education we have about money, the more comfortable we are with attracting it.

Money Mindset Questionnaire

A tool that might assist you in discovering your true ideas about money is our “Money Mindset Questionnaire.” Here are a few questions from that instrument to get your minding working:

For yourself, mark “Yes” or “No” for each one of these sentiments:

  1. “Getting Wealthy takes too much work and struggle.”

  2. “Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate.”

  3. “I have the potential for Wealth; all I need is a break.”

If you answered “Yes” to two or more, you might be operating in a scarcity mindset…

If you believe getting Wealthy is too much work...

  • you’re telling yourself that what’s out there is not worth your effort to get.

If you believe becoming rich is a matter of luck...

  • you’re telling yourself it is totally unattainable.

If you think you have potential, but are waiting around for an “opportunity...”

  • you’re giving yourself an excuse to remain exactly where you are.

It might seem harsh, but these are truths we must face in order to OPEN our minds and live with an ABUNDANCE mindset.

A mindset of Abundance holds the idea that money is an instrument designed to help you. That there is more than enough money available to you, and that your effort and focus will bring all the resources that you need into your life.

You have to understand that currency can flow to you (just like an ocean’s current), and that you should invest in yourself by opening up channels for it to enter your life -- also, eliminating any areas in your mind which continue to block it from you.

Having an outlook of positivity and growth carries you far in so many areas of your life: like getting in shape, or improving your personal relationships. Belief has a powerful effect on our reality. What you tell yourself shapes your lifestyle – our thoughts “create” our realities.

In all of these cases, there is HARD WORK to be done in order to achieve these goals. Keep this analogy in mind: the car has nothing to run on if you’re not gassing it up! If you’re not willing to exercise, organize, prioritize, galvanize -- you will remain exactly where you are now!

You have to start lifting that weight, diving into your finances, consuming books and media that’s relevant to what you want out of your life, your business, and your finances.

Pay attention to the details of life and to people with a grateful and abundant mindset. Actively place yourself into opportunities and invest in things that will make you better!

We’ll end with some financial affirmations that we utilize at our own practice, and at seminars:

Please take a moment to clear your mind, and speak these affirmations into truth:

  1. I create my life. I create the exact amount of my financial success.

  2. Money easily and constantly flows into my life.

  3. I am grateful for all the material abundance that I have now.

  4. I am healthy, wealthy, and divinely blessed.

  5. I am open to receive all of the abundance due unto me.

There’s a lot to be gained in slowing down the mind, breathing, and focusing. We hope this change of pace helps to refresh and refocus you on your financial goals!

We can’t put in the “cheat codes” and instantly own a billion dollars in the bank for life -- what we can do is be mindful about our relationships, opportunities, and priorities related to these goals.

This is how we develop and encourage a Money Mindset


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