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Tax Preparation Made Easy

STA is here to help you with more than merely tax preparation. We've designed our tax preparation process to be as fluid and simple as possible, asking the necessary questions at each step and guaranteeing you comprehend every aspect of the return as well as the practical options available to you.

Check out our process below!

The Process


We'll start with a FREE 15-minute Consultation that will allow us to get a better understanding of your tax wants and needs. 

Step ONE

We'll begin by reviewing last year's return to ensure that there aren't missteps or IRS red flags. We will offer you a price based on this return plus our understanding of how things have altered within the present year.


Step TWO



Following client acceptance, we will offer you an invitation to a client portal containing a tax questionnaire tailored to your specific case. You will be able to securely submit all of your papers and answer any inquiries we may also have for you via this site.



We'll construct your return and answer any additional questions along the process.



Once your return is finalized, you will be notified and we will be available to answer any remaining questions or concerns.

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