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We'll Fix Your 
Prior Returns

It is not unusual for past years' tax filings to have errors. Either you overlooked certain deductions or credits, or perhaps you omitted to submit any income, or perhaps there are other serious concerns with the way the return is filed. We'll work with you to determine the tax implications of modifying the return, as well as the drawbacks and advantages of amending (or not amending), in order to make a knowledgeable choice.

Check out our process below!

The Process


We'll begin by reviewing any returns that might need to be modified. We'll present you with a list of factors to examine, in addition to our suggestion as to whether or not to alter the return.

Step ONE


Step TWO

We'll develop and file a "Tax Power of Attorney" that allows us to communicate with tax authorities for you.



We'll draft the updated tax return and answer any additional inquiries that emerge.



We'll go over the findings and next actions to put the problem past you completely and permanently. We'll also advise you on what to anticipate as well as the expected timescales.

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